Where are the classes held?  

We meet in the gymnastics room on the first floor of the Moon Area Middle School. When you enter campus from Beaver Grade Road, the middle school is the first building you will see. You will turn right onto the road just past the middle school, and will drive up alongside the middle school building. The gymnastics room entrance is on that side of the building – DOOR E. When you enter the school, the gymnastics room is the first room you will see on the left hand side.

Because our classes are held in the middle school, there are a few times when our classes conflict with other activities going on inside the school building. These conflicts will affect our gymnastics schedule so it is important that you check your calendar to verify that you have class on your scheduled day of the week. If class is scheduled, you will see your class displayed on that date. 

What happens if a scheduled class is cancelled or my gymnasts misses a class?

If we are forced to cancel classes for any reason beyond our control (weather, school issues, etc.) there will NOT be a make-up class scheduled for that cancelled class. We follow Moon Area School District’s inclement weather policy, therefore, if school is cancelled due to weather, gymnastics classes will be cancelled as well.

Make-up classes are a courtesy that we offer to our gymnasts. We will be offering six make-up classes during the year for gymnasts who are unable to attend her/his scheduled class. Gymnasts are not invited to attend a class that she/he is not registered for to make up a missed class. If your child misses a class, she/he is welcome to register for a spot in a Friday makeup class. Pre-registration is required so we know how many instructors to have available for that class and if no gymnasts pre-register for the make-up class, we will not hold that class. Parents can register by logging into their account.

What is the Spring Exhibition (Gym Show)? 

The Spring Exhibition is a fun tradition in Moon Township. We’ve been thrilling our community with routines, gymnastics and the VAULT DRILL for over 30 years! The show is an opportunity for your gymnast to perform a routine with her/his class and show family and friends the gymnastics skills that she/he has learned throughout the year. Click for more information on the Spring Exhibition.  

Are there any other expenses I should know about?

These additional expenses that are completely optional

1. At different times during the year, we will offer Moon Gymnastics apparel for sale. There will be a table set up with the different items we have available. 

2. In late March or April, we will schedule a picture day so we can have class pictures for our Spring Exhibition Program. At that time, you will have the option to purchase a photo package. 

3. You will have the opportunity to place an ad in our Spring Exhibition Program to let your gymnast know how proud you are of his/her accomplishments throughout the year. 

4. A few weeks before the Spring Exhibition, we will begin selling student and adult tickets for the show.  Gymnasts will not have to purchase a tickets, but each member of their family will need one to get into the gym.  

5. You will have the opportunity to order a DVD of the Spring Exhibition. 

Again, these items are all optional. 

Do you offer any discounts? We offer a sibling discount of $10 off for each additional child. We also offer a multiple class discount. If you are registered for more than one class, we offer a discount of $20 off for each class after the first one. 

Do you offer refunds?
If you are a new gymnast and you are not satisfied with your classes, you may notify us within the first month and we will refund the balance of your tuition payment, minus the registration fee. Otherwise there are NO REFUNDS or credits unless your child is injured or you are moving out of Moon Township, PA. There are no exceptions.

Why do you charge a registration fee? 
A $30 registration fee will be added to your total, per gymnast. This fee defrays administrative costs and covers a portion of our liability insurance costs. This fee is non-refundable.

What should my gymnast wear to class? 

We do not have a specific uniform for class. Your gymnast can wear a leotard or a pair of shorts & t-shirt. Shoes and socks are left in the hallway before class begins. When available, the locker room may be used by students only and will need to provide her/his own lock. Please be aware that parents ARE NOT permitted to enter the locker room. Moon Gymnastics and its officers, staff and teachers are not responsible for lost or missing items.

When does my gymnasts try out for pre-team or youth team?
The tryout for youth team is held once a year and is usually scheduled in late April or early May. Gymnasts are tested on all four events, as well as strength and flexibility. 

The pre-team class is by invitation only.  Teachers identify gymnasts in our program who demonstrate ability and interest in competitive level gymnastics. Gymnasts may be invited at any time during the year. 

Is it possible for someone who doesn’t live in the Moon Area School District to participate in the Moon Gymnastics Program?
We are a community program, offering classes to children living in the Moon Area School District and we are not able to accommodate gymnasts who live outside of our school district. 

Are you online? We have a presence online with both a website and Facebook page. We will post announcements in both places – but always check your email and calendars for the most accurate announcements. 

I have more questions. 
How do I contact you?  You can send your questions to info@moongymnastics.com.